– Published January 01, 2019
by Andy Shora

Andy Shora

Lead Front End Engineer, London

I’m a Creative Front End Developer with ~13 years experience building web based software. Always keen to bring some finesse and creativity to the output of anything web-related, and standardise working practices across engineering teams, I’m able to confidently bring a range of expertise to any growing company.

As practitioner my specilities are currently React and SVG. In a lead role my main strengths are connected to establishing standards, assessing tooling solutions, and designing technical architecture.


BCG GAMMA (2019 ⇢ Present)

Associate Director, AI Software Engineering

Designing and building AI-focussed software solutions.

Qadre (2018 ⇢ 2019)

Lead Front End Engineer

Developing the World’s Finest Front End to Blockchain-enabled products and services. Hired two other devs to create some extraordinary applications in 2019.

QuantumBlack (McKinsey) (2015 ⇢ 2018)

Principal Front End Engineer

I’ve grown the team from one, to eventually lead a team of six Front End Engineers and Software Engineers across projects involving Data Visualisation, using technologies such as React + Redux, SVG, D3, WebGL, GraphQL and NodeJS.

We’ve produced some spectacular projects for clients ranging from Pharma to Formula One. (I wish I could share links!) Transitioning from a practitioner into a Lead role has allowed me to build some invaluable skills across the strategic side of the company.

Utilising the very latest technologies on projects and being given reign to tackle challenging business problems is where I succeed.

My team have also consistently rated themselves as the most satisfied within the company (of 200) on a monthly basis, since surveys began.

R/GA London

Senior Open Standards Developer (2013 ⇢ 2015)

I’ve been fortunate to lead the frontend development on global projects for brands including Apple, Nike and Google during my time at R/GA London. I’ve gained a reputation as the go-to guy for frontend performance questions, and frequently push the boundaries of what we can do on mobile.

My knowledge of front-end frameworks has been strengthened significantly; on notable projects I’ve been using Backbone, React, and AngularJS. Responsive UIs and developing mobile first have been crucial to everything I’ve done here. Public URLs: (may have been changed since)

Google World Cup 2014Google Year In Search 2014


JavaScript Developer (2011 ⇢ 2013)

I developed a number of in-browser security solutions for revolutionary secure email exchange software.

A notable achievement being I was the first developer in the world to enable the encryption of 100MB+ files in-browser using JavaScript and HTML5 web workers, allowing the company to launch the world’s first end-to-end secure messaging service from browser-to-browser.

Marketpoint Global

Software Developer (2009 ⇢ 2011)

I worked as a developer on a global CRM product, as well as a number of smaller telecoms and marketing products. I redeveloped the company website, and developed a Tradeshow Lead Capture System for iPad.

Redwood Technologies

Engineering Services Engineer (2008 ⇢ 2009)

I worked for six months as a support engineer, debugging issues on telecoms hardware. I also developed a number of small internal tools for the company intranet, as well as web prototypes for pitches.


University of Warwick (2005 ⇢ 2008)

BSc, Computer Science (2.1)

Wargrave Piggott Secondary School (2003 ⇢ 2005)

A-Levels: Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Art (A)




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