– Published January 01, 2019
by Andy Shora

Hello World, Again.

I have a brand-spanking-new website!

It took me long enough to port my official website over to GatsbyJS, which coupled with deployment via Netlify, completes my favourite ever technology stack!

Page Speed Score Comparison

I hardly did any work to make this site really fast. Pretty much just don’t be a jerk and add loads of shitty overlays, social media links, and blocking scripts – which most of the internet does. Following on from my nutrition website side project, I wanted to make this all about the content, with a splash of SVG here and there for fun.

  • Powered by GatsbyJS. Posts are composed in Markdown and baked out into HTML.
  • Deployed and hosted with Netlify.
  • Scores 99% on Mobile and 100% on Desktop on Google Pagespeed Insights.

I’d highly recommend learning Gatsby via forking this starter blog – you’ll be up and running in seconds. Oh, and did I mention everything in this stack is free?

Hopefully this will be future-proof for at least a few months!