– Published January 02, 2019
by Andy Shora

Learning JavaScript Resources for 2019

If you’re asking yourself – How can I learn to code? How can I make a website? Where do I start? – then you’ve come to the right place.

Learning the fundamentals of JavaScript will give you a solid foundation for what’s to come, and I’d encourage you not to cut any corners! If you’re wanting to get into React, Vue, Angular, or whatever, please be patient and have a skim of the content below.

Please add your suggestions in the comments and I’ll try to update this list regularly.

Interactive Learning

Learning, gamified! Probably the most fun way to learn a new language.

  • Codeacademy - Fundamentals of JavaScript.
  • Udacity JavaScript Basics - They also offer more advanced courses.
  • Code Wars - Improve your skills by training with others on real code challenges.
  • Code School - From Basics to Best Practices. Different courses related to JavaScript.
  • Exercism - Code practice and mentorship for everyone.
  • hackr.io - Find the Best Programming Courses & Tutorials.

Web Development Playgrounds

Places to write code online. No need to install anything!

  • JSBin - One of the most popular web development playgrounds.
  • JSFiddle - JSFiddle is a lightweight cloud JS editor designed for developers who want to tweak and test blocks of JS, CSS and HTML code.
  • Codiad - Codiad is a web-based IDE framework with a small footprint and minimal requirements.
  • Plunker - Plunker is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas.
  • Codepen - A playground for the more creative people. Pens often include inspirational CSS, Canvas and WebGL examples.

Free eBooks

All the knowledge for free.


My favourite way to learn. Grab a coffee, do some cooking, and learn.

ES6 and Above

A significant update to JavaScript. Lots of fun and useful pieces of syntax to sprinkle around!

DOM Stuff

Document-Object-Model, i.e. the structure of web pages in a browser.

JavaScript References

The manuals!


JavaScript run on the server. Pure Front-end Developers don’t need to get too invested here.

  • The Art of Node - Introductory tutorial covering the basics.
  • NodeSchool - Interactive self guided workshops you can also do on your own.
  • Node Patterns - Short books about code and networking patterns related to Node.js.
  • Learn Node - A premium training course to learn to build apps with Node.js, Express, MongoDB.