Andy Shora

UI Designer, 3D Illustrator, DataViz Developer

#web3 #crypto #dataviz #react #svg


A few recent articles:

Increasing Trust in AI

An exploration into how we can allow humans to fully embrace what AI has to offer.

📖10 mins #trust #ai

Visualising Systems of Trust with Simulations of Vampire Bats.

Trust explained using natural systems simulating colonies of vampire bats.

📖10 mins #trust #dataviz #blockchain

Learning JavaScript Resources for 2019

A list of resources for learning JavaScript in 2019.

📖5 mins #learning #javascript

Hello World, Again.

I've finally launched a new website!

📖1 min #blog


Here are few projects which I remembered to capture:

Visualising Blockchain

Experiments with React and SVG. Bringing our blockchain architecture to life in applications.

#svg #react #threejs

Visualising Car Parts

Visualising interactions during the manufacturing process of a luxury car (favoured by 007).

#threejs #webgl #dataviz

Visualising the Data Science Process

Various tools created with React and SVG, designed to give an insight into QB's Data Science process.

#svg #react #redux #d3 #gsap

SVG Radial Graphs

Figuring out ways to explore huge hierarchical data structures with SVG and JavaScript.

#svg #react

Visualising Physicians

Visualising the spread of a new drug via a national network of Physicians.

#threejs #webgl #dataviz #highperformance

F1 Dashboard

Displaying real-time live event streams for Formula One teams and Race Commentators.

#react #redux #svg #highperformance

Google Year in Search 2014

Showcasing Google Trends data for the big events which happened during the year

#python #googleclosure #highperformance

Nutrition Website

I ate too many kiwis and my appendix exploded. I then went on a journey to make a useable nutrition website.

#react #gatsbyjs #gsap

Google FIFA World Cup 2014

Displaying Live Events and Google Trends during the FIFA World Cup in Brasil

#python #googleclosure #highperformance

Nike Fuelfest Event Wall

Pulling in tagged images from twitter to provide ambience for cool kids while they buy expensive trainers.


Nike Fuelband App for Apple Employees

A competition app to get Apple Store employees moving around more!

#angularjs #dataviz

Nike Fuelband Competition CMS

A CMS for the fuelband competition app.


The First Google Glass App

Dictate what you want to do, and this app will provide suggestions, and directions. A breakthrough, at the time.


Fitbit Event Dashboard

Activity monitors turned into a live race track to spice up corporate event days.

#d3 #react

The City Awards

Find the best X in Y. Give awards with cute badges. One of the first apps to harness Instagram location images.

#angularjs #nodejs #mongodb


An app to curate stacks of things. I still want this in my life.

#angularjs #gsap

Active Projects

I say active, because most projects die. These however, currently prosper:

Too Many Kiwis

A nutrition website which doesn't suck. Named after I ate too many kiwis and my appendix exploded.

#nutrition #superfoods

The Dead Seconds Club

A private club for avid horology enthusiasts in London. Request an invite to our next event if you're interested in joining.


Diversity Sponsorship

I'd like to sponsor you if you're from an underrepresented group in tech, or help in whatever way I can. Currently I have the capacity to do the following:

  • Sponsor you to attend a local conference. (Probably not transatlantic business class, but I enjoy a good pitch)
  • Help support some learning through experimentation with hardware or software.
  • Help mentor your front end skills, or simply meet for a coffee and give you some career advice wherever I can. You might also be keen to speak to my assistant Ted as well, who can offer expert advice on Dog-related issues.

Find out how to apply here.


This stuff is way old! Please forgive me for the lack of housekeeping in here.