Hi, I'm Andy Shora.

I'm a Front End Web Developer. I work at Qadre in London.


Visualising Systems of Trust with Simulations of Vampire Bats.

Trust explained using natural systems simulating colonies of vampire bats.

📖10 mins #trust #dataviz #blockchain

Learning JavaScript Resources for 2019

A list of resources for learning JavaScript in 2019.

📖5 mins #learning #javascript

Hello World, Again.

I've finally launched a new website!

📖1 min #blog

Active Projects

I say active, because most projects die. These however, currently prosper:

Too Many Kiwis

A nutrition website which doesn't suck. Named after I ate too many kiwis and my appendix exploded.

#nutrition #superfoods

The Dead Seconds Club

A private club for avid horology enthusiasts in London. Request an invite to our next event if you're interested in joining.


Diversity Sponsorship

I'd like to sponsor you if you're from an underrepresented group in tech, or help in whatever way I can. Currently I have the capacity to do the following:

  • Sponsor you to attend a local conference. (Probably not transatlantic business class, but I enjoy a good pitch)
  • Help support some learning through experimentation with hardware or software.
  • Help mentor your front end skills, or simply meet for a coffee and give you some career advice wherever I can. You might also be keen to speak to my assistant Ted as well, who can offer expert advice on Dog-related issues.

Find out how to apply here.


This stuff is way old! Please forgive me for the lack of housekeeping in here.

Andy Shora

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I made this website in a few hours with GatsbyJS, and I serve it using Netlify.

You can fork the original source code for free, here.

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